Trade goods and services with anyone in the world – and get paid in cryptocurrency

Welcome to the world's first decentralized,
peer-to-peer marketplace is a sharing economy
and freelancing marketplace

You can trade just about anything in the Accept Marketplace: Sell your skills/talents or things you no longer want in exchange for cryptocurrency, goods, services, or any combination of the three. All transactions are protected by smart contracts, native escrow in a secure blockchain, and a novel dispute resolution mechanism. takes the best aspects of online marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist and freelancing marketplaces like Upwork, and adds blockchain technology to make trading safer and more cost-effective for all parties Accept users can trade securely, privately, and anonymously in the Accept global marketplace – or locally in one of the many Accept regional marketplaces – and save avoid paying high online marketplace fees of 10-20%. Plus, the entire marketplace is self-regulated and open-source, which means we can offer users incentivizes (bonus cryptocurrency) to help maintain and improve the platform.

With free non-monetary transactions and a low 2.5% fee on trades involving cryptocurrency, is building the sharing economy for the masses.

Cashless Trades

In true sharing economy fashion, you can trade for the things you want/need without spending your hard-earned cash. There are no fees unless money changes hands. Sellers pay a low 2.5% fee when receiving payment in cryptocurrency.

Secured by
Smart Contracts

AcceptPay protects buyers and sellers from fraud while maintaining full privacy and protecting user data. Sellers set the terms of the trade (shipping, product/service quality, returns/refunds, etc.) using smart contracts and native escrow ensures nobody gets paid until the terms are met.

Governed by
Un-Biased Arbitration

All disputes are resolved by the Star Chamber – an accredited pool of Accept tasked with reviewing dispute information and voting on the correct course of action. This prevents any central authority from having control over the marketplace.

How it works

The 2019 launch of the global marketplace will introduce the Fulcrum (FULC) token to global users


Reasons to Join Accept.IO

Secure (and Free) Peer-to-Peer Trades

Trade safely without an intermediary. cuts out the middleman and lets you trade with other users worldwide, for free.

Trustless Transactions in a Self-Regulating Marketplace

Smart contracts, native escrow, and our user-led arbitration committee reduce digital transaction risks.

Nearly Instantaneous Settlements

The top online marketplaces hold transacted funds for 3-5 (or more) business days. But in, as soon as both parties agree to close a contract, any funds in escrow appear in the seller's Fulcrum wallet almost right away.

A Low 2.5% Transaction Fee

The decentralized, open-source nature of keeps transaction fees far below those charged by competing marketplaces (10-20% is common).

A Global Platform Anyone Can Join

Anyone with an internet connection can trade in Accept Marketplaces. There's no need to send us your bank account information or government ID.

Rewards for Active Users with Good Reputations

Earn bonus Fulcrum cryptocurrency for helping grow. Get paid to take on coding challenges, help resolve disputes, refer your friends, and even start your own local marketplace.

Introducing the Self-Regulating Marketplace

The Fulcrum (FULC) token* combined with AcceptPay smart contracts let Accept Marketplace users carry out secure, trustless transactions. Disputes are handled by an arbitration team of up to 12 Accept users (called a Star Council) picked randomly from a pool of accredited users (the Star Chamber).


A Buyer and Seller agree a transaction and checkout using the marketplace


The buyer and seller have a dispute and the buyer refuses to pay seller


The transaction enters arbitration through buyer and seller contacting Accept and requesting arbitration


The marketplace forms a committee of eligible members who review transaction evidence from our blockchain and IPFS nodes and make a fair decision delivered through smart contract voting functions


Buyer and seller are bound by decision of committee

There will be minimum transaction, participation, and regulatory checks necessary to serve on the committee, which is called the Star Chamber.


Hearings will be online, using Accept software


Participation on the committee would be random using our custom sorting algorithm from a pool of global Users

*FULC is an ERC20-compatible in-app utility token to be used across the global Accept Marketplace for native settlements.

Always Trade
on Your Own Terms

Get Paid for Sharing

Earn FULC for sharing your skills and things you no longer want/need. Spend what you earn in the Accept Marketplace or transfer your funds to your Facebook Libra wallet.

Shop Local or Global

Pay for goods or services in your local Accept Marketplace or in the global marketplace. helps you get what you need without spending any cash.

Protect Your Privacy

AcceptPay Payment Assurance keeps all transactions secure and trustless, while preserving your complete privacy. Our native smart contract, escrow, arbitration, and reputation mechanisms protect you from dishonest activity.

Secure Marketplace Architecture Built on Public Blockchain

The Accept global marketplace platform will combine the immutability and infallibility of public blockchain, with our user friendly, intuitive design and cutting edge, bespoke applications and algorithms.

Is Accept For You

It's a marketplace for people like ...