Accept payments on your website.

Give your customers a secure and convenient checkout experience. Connect our online payment gateway to your website or mobile app to accept secure credit card payments.

Connect payment processing to your shopping cart.

Quick and Easy Setup

We offer hundreds of preexisting integrations with leading shopping cart providers. Connect payment processing to your shopping cart, with our code-free payment integration.

Seamless Checkout

Connecting our payment gateway with your shopping cart ensures a smooth checkout experience because your customers remain on your site for the entire payment process.

Compatible shopping cart builders:


Connect payment processing to
your shopping cart.

Already have an online store or a website but no way to accept payments? Link our payment pages or forms to your whatever you’re selling. When your customers click through to purchase, they will be instantly sent to a checkout page hosted on secure servers.

Personalized to Your Brand

Easily customize your hosted pages to match the
look and feel of your website for a seamless
check-out experience.

Digital Wallet Support

Increase security and offer customers a quicker
checkout process when they pay with Apple Pay,
Masterpass, PayPal, or Visa Checkout.


Integrate payments into your website or application.

Build our payment gateway into your payment environment with our certification tools and flexible integration options.

  • • Collect payment information on your own servers
  • • Control your checkout process completely
  • • Access developer tools and documentation


How do I know which online payment solution is best for me?

If you are or planning on or currently using a shopping cart solution all you need to accept payments is our simple Shopping Cart Integration. If you are not using a shopping cart solution on your website but want an easy way to customize the look and feel of your checkout process while still using our secure servers to process card data, our Hosted Payment Pages are for you. If you are or have a developer with an advanced understanding of code and a custom-coded internet platform, our Developer API will allow you to develop custom integrations with your current software. If you’re still not sure, our product specialists are more than happy to help you out.

If I already use an e-commerce solution with a shopping cart, why do I need a Shopping Cart Integration?

Shopping carts are an easy way to build your online store, but in order to process credit card payments, you ll need to integrate with a payment processor like Accept Pay. Our payment gateway plugs into your shopping cart so you can accept payments securely.