The POS built for running your
business your way.

Not your average restaurant POS system.

A POS system that's built to keep up with your restaurant. It’s simple, it’s flexible, it’s fast, it's free*

*starter edition is free with all card payments plans

We've got all the features you need in one solution.

Stay on top of every order

Offer your customers the best service possible with menu customization and order management. Assign courses, track orders, and send tickets to multiple printers.

Streamline seating and table turn

Set up a custom floor plan and view open and seated tables. Streamline your ordering process by setting seating positions and split items based on seating position.

Contactless Dining

QR Code Technology

Let your customers view menus and even place orders in-store through their mobile device.

You can utilise Contactless Dining and serve your customers with low-touch / no-touch.

You'll be able to create Contactless Dining using Dine-In, Pickup/Curbside, and Delivery.

Contactless Order At Table

1. Assign a QR code to each of your tables

Create printable QR codes with table numbers that take customers to your POS online ordering page.

2. Your customer paces an order

Customers can browse your menu and order from their smartphone.

3. "Your Order Is Ready!"

Mark orders ready on your POS and send email updates to your customers.

Accept Online Orders

Create a branded mobile-friendly website in a few clicks, and allow your customers to place orders.

Manage Employees

Track your staff members’ time, tips, sales, and manage permissions across multiple locations.

Know Your Customers

Capture customer information and understand how often they visit, their ticket sizes, and their ordering habits.

Order and Pay at Table

Offer a safe way to dine in at your restaurant with digital menus and contactless payment directly from the table.

Manage Inventory

Always know when it’s time to restock by tracking your kitchen’s inventory in real-time.

Simplify Accounting

Save time by syncing your daily sales to Xero NS Sage One accounting software.

More features

Employee Management

  • Time Tracking - Access clock-in/clock-out features, timesheet reporting, estimated wage reporting, and real-time labour cost reporting
  • Cashier Mode - Allow cashiers to close open orders without a prompt and correctly attribute all tips and revenue to servers
  • Permission Management - Manage employee permissions 30 different functions, such as discounts, cash drawers, and voids

Customer Management

  • Customer Analytics - Gain insights into how often customers visit your restaurant, how much they spend, and their preferences
  • Customer Facing Display - Advertise specials and let your customers see items added and totals during the ordering process (iPad feature only)
  • Self-serve Ordering - Create an itemized menu and allow customers to place an order and pay in just a few taps (iPad feature only)


  • Real-Time Reporting - Log in from anywhere to view sales trends and your restaurant’s performance
  • Automatic Alerts - Get everything sent to your inbox. Set up frequency, report types, and recipients
  • Product Insights - Understand what’s selling and what isn’t, audit all inventory changes, and measure your suppliers’ performance
  • Employee Insights - Audit your employee activity and understand how your labour costs are impacting your restaurant’s performance
  • Multi-location Reporting - Compare the performance between different locations in a single dashboard


  • Sage One
  • Xero


Take payments anywhere with Poynt.

Get a portable POS with talech on the Poynt Smart Terminal. It's everything you need to run your business and take payments in the palm of your hand.


Transform your iPad with POS hardware.

Make your iPad a point of sale. Run talech on your iPad and integrate the Desk/5000 countertop terminal or Move/5000 wireless terminal to accept payments. You can also add a cash drawer, barcode scanner, and receipt printer or select one of our bundles.

Ready to grow your business?


What is a cloud-based POS solution?

Cloud-based POS systems are software applications that can be used on mobile devices like tablets and smart terminals. Unlike a traditional till system, a cloud-based POS updates all data in real-time to the cloud (just a term for the internet) and stores this information on the POS provider s internet servers instead of storing it on a computer. This means that you can access and update your POS data from anywhere you have an internet connection. A lot of business owners prefer cloud-based POS systems because it means they can do things like order inventory, track sales, and manage employees without having to be on location (beach day anyone?).

How does talech work on my iPad?

The talech app runs on your iPad allowing you to access all the point-of-sale features that talech provides. To accept payments, you will need a Desk/5000 countertop terminal or a Move/5000 wireless terminal Both these pieces of hardware integrate with talech on your iPad. If you need a cash drawer, you can also add the Elo PayPoint. With the Elo PayPoint and terminal integration, you get an all-in-one cash drawer, payment terminal, printer, barcode scanner, customer-facing display, and an iPad charging dock - this provides the traditional till experience connected to talech s powerful software. I you don t need all the functions of the Elo PayPoint, you can just add the Desk/5000 or Move/5000 to your talech package to accept credit and debit payments.

How does talech work on Poynt Smart Terminals?

You can download the talech app on the Poynt 5 or Poynt Smart Terminal. This allows you to access all the point-of-sale features that talech provides on you Poynt terminal. Because the Poynt and Poynt 5 are payment terminals, you do not need to integrate the Desk/5000 or Move/5000 terminals to accept payments as you would if you ran talech on an iPad. The Poynt Smart Terminal also has a built-in receipt printer and a cash drawer can be added for a traditional till experience if needed.