Secure payment links for better cash flow

Accept payments 24/7 and let your customers pay in one click with Pay By Link. Add your own logo and branding with a customisable hosted payment page.

Secure, compliant and hassle-free

Give your customers the power to pay. With a secure link to a hosted payment form, your business doesn’t need to store card information, and your customers can pay at the click of button. Your PCI Compliance is simpler and your customers are always protected.

Payment is just a click away with Pay By Link.

Invoicing? Taking bookings or orders by phone? Just send your customers a link to pay by card. With Pay By Link you can send a Pay Now button in an email, or include a payment link on your quotes and invoices. Give your customers a way to pay easily and securely.

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What is.a Virtual Terminal?

A virtual terminal turns your computer into a credit card terminal—it allows you to manually process payments right from a web browser. It’s great for remote billing or taking credit card payments over the phone.

What devices can I use a virtual terminal on?

Virtual Terminal is available as a web application. You can use all virtual terminal functions on computers and mobile devices.

What cards can be charged with a virtual terminal?

All accepted credit cards are supported by Virtual Terminal. If you need to accept debit transactions, you can pair your virtual terminal with our wireless or countertop PIN pads