The POS built for running your
business your way.

Our POS system makes retail easy.

Easily sell online, take payments, track sales and manage your stock, all in one place.

We've got all the features you need in one solution.

Manage your inventory

Make selling easy by automatically grouping items into bundles managing as many variations as you need. Track your inventory in real-time and sync products and discounts across locations.

Know your customers

Get the information you need to improve your sales and marketing efforts. Capture customer information at point-of-sale and understand how often they visit, how much they spend, and their buying habits.

Get Insights

Access real-time reports to see your top sellers, view staff metrics, and get insights on how to drive sales.

Simplify Accounting

Save time by syncing your daily sales to Xero or Sage One accounting software.

Create Discounts

Customize and apply discounts and create automated promotions for specific times and items.

Manage All Locations

Stay organized with the ability to update inventory, manage employees and view sales across multiple stores.

Speed Up Checkout

Customize your POS to make it more efficient. Run promotions on select items, and manage holds, refunds, exchanges, or credits.

Manage Employees

Get access to time tracking and labour cost insights, view sales by employee, and manage permissions.

More features

Returns and Exchanges

  • Void Tracking - Approve and track voids during the order process
  • Returns and Exchanges - issue full or partial refunds and store credits. Accept exchanges and returns without receipts

Customer Management

  • Customer Analytics - Gain insights into how often customers visit, how much they spend, their purchase history and preferences
  • House Accounts - Track balances and automatically issue monthly statements. Allow customers to make deposits or pay at the end of the month
  • Email Campaigns - Capture customer information for targeted email campaigns


  • Real-Time Reporting - Log in from anywhere to view your business’ performance and get insights on how to drive sales and reduce costs
  • Automatic Alerts- Get everything sent to your inbox. Set up the frequency, report types, and recipients
  • Product Insights - Understand what’s selling and what isn’t, audit all inventory changes, and measure your suppliers’ performance
  • Employee Insights - Audity your employee activity, view top-performing employees and track regular and overtime hours
  • Multi-Location Reporting - Compare the performance between different locations in a single dashboard


  • Sage One
  • Xero


Take payments anywhere with Poynt.

Get a portable POS with talech on the Poynt Smart Terminal. It's everything you need to run your business and take payments in the palm of your hand.


Transform your iPad with POS hardware.

Make your iPad a point of sale. Run POS on your iPad and integrate the Desk/5000  countertop terminal or Move/5000 wireless terminal to accept payments. You can also add a cash drawer, barcode scanner, and receipt printer or select one of our bundles.

Ready to grow your business?


What is a cloud-based POS solution?

Cloud-based POS systems are software applications that can be used on mobile devices like tablets and smart terminals. Unlike a traditional till system, a cloud-based POS updates all data in real-time to the cloud (just a term for the internet) and stores this information on the POS provider s internet servers instead of storing it on a computer. This means that you can access and update your POS data from anywhere you have an internet connection. A lot of business owners prefer cloud-based POS systems because it means they can do things like order inventory, track sales, and manage employees without having to be on location (beach day anyone?).

How does the POS solution work on my iPad?

The POS app runs on your iPad allowing you to access all the point-of-sale features that talech provides. To accept payments, you will need a Desk/5000 countertop terminal or a Move/5000 wireless terminal Both these pieces of hardware integrate with talech on your iPad. If you need a cash drawer, you can also add one.. With our bundles you can get a cash drawer, payment terminal, printer, barcode scanner, and a customer-facing display. This provides the traditional till experience connected to powerful POS software.

How does the POS solution work with Poynt Smart Terminals?

You can download the point-of-sale app on the Poynt 5 or Poynt Smart Terminal. This allows you to access all the point-of-sale features that talech provides on you Poynt terminal. Because the Poynt and Poynt 5 are payment terminals, you do not need to integrate the Desk/5000 or Move/5000 terminals to accept payments as you would if you ran talech on an iPad. The Poynt Smart Terminal also has a built-in receipt printer and a cash drawer can be added for a traditional till experience if needed.