Eddy Tablet and iPad Stand

Turn your iPad into a point of sale and take every kind of payment.

Eddy is our premium stand for style-conscious customers. Brought to you by Bouncepad - the global market leader in tablet enclosures - this superior quality stand is tablet agnostic with a rotating base and tilting feature that makes it perfect for a range of users and counter heights.

  • Tablet agnostic so your stand can last generations

  • Freestanding base makes it simple to move around the countertop

  • A rotating base and tilt function for easy screen-sharing

  • Fuss-free cable management helps to keep your counter tidy and your wires in check

  • Offers multiple security options to suit a range of needs

  • Securely locks tablet in position

View Specifications

Product dimensions (unpackaged): 290mm x 200mm x 170mm

Weight: 1130g (1.13KG)

Material: Powder coated aluminium / PC-ABS plastic

Compatible tablet sizes: 

Thickness: 5.5mm (min) to 8mm (max)

Width:135mm (min) to 220mm (max)

Length: N/A

Disclaimer:Tablets with a width between 135mm and 165mm need to be at least 6mm thick to ensure optimum security. If your tablet size is at the extremes of the dimensions, please contact us.

Colour options




Cable: is not included

Kensington Lock: is not included