Total Fulcrum
Token Supply Summary

The total supply of Fulcrum tokens is 200 million. 100 million have been allocated for the token sale and the remainder have been allocated as illustrated in the chart below.

Token Allocation (200,000,000)

Token Sale *
100 Million
Community Rewards
15 Million
Founders and Team Members **
40 Million
Advisors ***
8 Million
Operations Reserve
17 Million
Strategic Partnerships (Cat A)
10 Million
Strategic Partnerships (Cat B)
10 Million

Any remaining Token Sale tokens will be destroyed after the hard cap is reached   *

Founder tokens will be locked for 18 months to secure the tokens and preserve the value of FULC  **

Advisor tokens will be locked for 12 months to secure the tokens and preserve the value of FULC ***

Token name Fulcrum
Token ticker FULC
Token sale contract address
Tokens total supply available 200,000,000
Tokens for sale 100,000,000
Hard cap $8,000,000C
Soft cap $1,000,000
Base Token price USD 0.10
Restrictions The United States
Conditions for participation KYC whitelisted by submitting application for approval.
The form is available at the end of this page.
How to participate Once your application is approved you will be notified by email from
You may then purchase Fulcrum tokens by sending ether to the token sale contract address. We recommend using a gas limit of 120,000 Gwei.
Accepted currencies Ether sent to the token sale contract address
What happens to unsold tokens Unsold tokens will be automatically distributed to token sale participants directly in proportion to participants investment at the completion of the token sale. This is an automated function of the token sale contract.
Will token be listed on Exchanges? What? When? Fulcrum will be listed on Bancor and Coinbene.
Further partnerships will be announced.
Viewing token in MyEtherWallet
Decimal points 18
Token name Fulcrum
Token ticker FULC

Token Dissemination Chart

Total Token Supply
Hard Cap
Soft Cap
Maximum token amount for public sale
Token Price
24 Months
Team Token Vesting

Use of Funds

Proceeds from the token sale will go towards building and deploying the marketplace, building the consumer base, developing additional software and services and servicing our customer base. The following diagram shows the allocation of proceeds.

Technology and Talent
Business Development
Marketing and Promotion
Legal and Regulatory
Management and Operations
General and Administrative

Register for Fulcrum Token

We will assess your application to conform to regulatory requirements. We will then confirm that you have been whitelisted by email and notify you of the token sale contract address.